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    Cattle Supply/Demand Information
    Cattle on Feed Report Livestock Slaughter Cattle Inventory (Jan. and July) World Supply/Demand
    KSU Livestock and Meat Market Outlook Grimes/Plain Outlook on Cattle (Weekly) Livestock Situation and Outlook (Monthly) Ag Trade Update (Import/Export)
    Cattle Current Prices
    Cattle-Fax 6-State Fed Steer Prices Ag. Price Report (Monthly) CME Feeder Cattle Index Cattle-Fax Home page and report index
    Western Ks. Basis Fed and Feeders      
    Cattle Information -- General
    Beef Cattle Info., Kansas State Univ. KSU Cattlemen's Day  Natl. Cattlemen's Beef Assn. Cattle-Fax

    CME Group   Back to Links Index

    CME Home PageAgricultural CommoditiesEnergy CommoditiesFinancials

    Economic Research Service Back to Links Index

    Home Page Publications Home Page Data Home Page Briefing Room Home Page
    Price Model for Corn
    and Wheat
    Risk Management    

    Grain Information Back to Links Index

    Grain Supply/Demand
    RCG Trading Calendar Crop Progress Report (USDA) Supply & Demand World and US, Monthly (USDA) Grain Stocks (Quarterly) (USDA)
    Ag Trade Update (Import/Export) (USDA) Acreage Report (Annual) (USDA) Export Sales (Weekly) (USDA) Crop Production Report (USDA)
    Weather & Crop Bulletin (USDA) Feed Grain Outlook (Monthly) (USDA) Oilseed Outlook (USDA) Wheat Outlook (USDA)
    Grain Stocks (Quarterly) (USDA) Crop Moisture Index World Crop Producing Areas (Maps) and climate data Crop progress and condition charts
    Agronomic Information
    Crop Performance Tests (KSU) Crop  Library (KSU) Grain Processing (KSU) Soil and Water Conservation, Kansas
    Plant Diseases (KSU) Estimate your corn yield
    Estimate your wheat yield
    (Oklahoma State)
    Estimate your soybean yield
    KSU "Adopt A Wheatfield"   Water Use by Wheat (KSU) Freeze Damage in Wheat (KSU) Weed identifier
    Corn Insect Identifier      
    Grain -- General Information
    Wheat Briefing Room (USDA) Corn Briefing Room (USDA) Iowa State's Corn Page US Wheat Associates "The Wheat Letter"
    KSU Wheat Page Wheat Production Maps    
    Grain Pricing Information
    Cash Prices, NW &NC KS USDA Daily Ag. Price Report (Monthly) (USDA) LDPs (Click your state)  

    Hog Information Back to Links Index

    Hog & Pig Report Livestock Slaughter Swine Information, KSU Animal Science KSU Swine Outlook 
    Grimes/Plain Outlook on Hogs (U. Missouri) World Supply/Demand Cold Storage Report Ag Trade Update (Import/Export)
    Livestock Situation and Outlook (Monthly) Ag. Price Report (Monthly) Lean Hog Index (CME)  

    Kansas City Board of Trade Back to Links Index

    Home Page Quotes, charts and data  
    Contract Specifications Margins  

    Kansas State University Back to Links Index

    KSU Home Page KSU Research and Extension Home Page Animal Science Home Page K-State Collegian
     Agric. Economics Home Page Agronomy Home Page KSU Athletics KSU Directory (People Finder)
    Seach KSU Ag Research & Extension KSU Colleges, Departments, Offices    

    Links to Other Link Sets Back to Links Index

    AgEBB (Univ. of Missouri) Univ. of Missouri Farm Marketing Oklahoma State Livestock Virtual Library  

    New York Exchanges

    New York Board of Trade (ICE)  NYBOT (ICE) Margins NYMEX (Now CME Group)  

    Organizations Back to Links Index

    Kansas Association of Wheat Growers Kansas Livestock Association Cattle-Fax Natl. Cattlemen's Beef Assn.
    Kansas Corn Growers Association Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association Kansas Farm Bureau National Pork Producers Council
    Kansas Soybean Association      

    Publications Back to Links Index

    Farm Journal The Cattleman High Plains Journal
    Progressive Farmer Successful Farming  Futures Magazine  

    Risk Management Back to Links Index

    Risk Management (USDA ERS) Natl. Ag Risk Library Managing Risk in Farming (USDA ERS) KSU Ag Econ Risk Management Home Page
    KSU Crop Risk Management       

    USDA Reports Back to Links Index

    USDA Reports Calendar Reports Search Cattle on Feed Livestock Slaughter
    Grain & Livestock Market News Hog & Pig Report Crop Production Report Weather & Crop Bulletin
    World Supply/Demand Cold Storage Report Ag Trade Update (Import/Export) Grain Stocks (Quarterly)
    Feed Grain Outlook (Monthly) Wheat Outlook Livestock Situation and Outlook (Monthly) Cattle Inventory (Jan. and July)
    Ag. Price Report (Monthly) Foreign Ag. Service Ag Marketing Service, USDA  

    Weather Back to Links Index

    Current Radar Click on
    map for detail
    Radar Loop (shows movement) Radar Summary (cell data and warnings) Radar Detail (click a site)
    Current Surface Map Last 24-hr. Precip Last 7-days precip World Weather
    US Forecast, Morning US Forecast, Mid-day US Forecast, Evening Forecasts, 12 hrs to 6 days
    Current US Temperature Map Precip. probability Temperature Forecast (click on a time) Wind Forecast (click on a time)
    Natl. Ctr. for Environmental Prediction Palmer Drought Index Crop Moisture Index Temperatures, Departure From Average
    Skilling Weather Page -- WGN, Chicago Glossary of Weather Terms 6-10 day temp and precip forecasts International Climate Data
    South America Weather Map Averages and Records Weatherbug for real-time local weather Temp., Precip. and Soil Moisture Outlooks (world)
    Weather Calculator Kansas Weather Data Library Hail Maps Snow Depth

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